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This sparkle is an everlasting eternity ring

The eternity ring, which means "infinite or unending time" is a popular and admired amongst woman. We also offer a wide variety of eternity rings by incorporating customer requests and opinions. As a fashion ring, as a gift for loved ones, and as a wedding ring for two people. We bring the finest eternity rings to your fingertips.

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Eternity ring popularity ranking by design


Square Half Eternity 2.1mm

Reference price $1712 (tax included)

Price details above: 18K White Gold

Eternity is the admiration of women. Half Eternity is a popular style because it can be worn easily from everyday. White Gold enhances the brilliance of diamonds with its whiteness.

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Voice from customers

I purchased it as a gift for myself. I liked the birthstone of my son as a secret stone and I really liked it. I think it's fun to layer it on a wedding ring or layer it on an engagement ring.


Square Half Eternity 2.3mm

Reference price $2354 (tax included)

Price details above: 18K White Gold

Half Eternity is a popular style because it can be worn easily. White Gold enhances the brilliance of diamonds.

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Oval Half Eternity 2.3mm

Reference price $1262 (tax included)

Price details above: 18K White Gold

The rounded and soft silhouette is impressive. The curved band is designed to bring out the color and luster of the material.

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Why choose Eternity Rings

Support Local production

Skilled jewelry craftsmen set diamonds one by one, carefully crafting platinum and gold materials and polishing them until they are completed. The manufacturing process is mostly done manually by craftsmen, and the technical ability greatly affects the finish. We will deliver the eternity ring for you with all your heart.

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Finest diamonds and colored stones

The diamonds used for the eternity ring are equivalent to D to F color, VS class, excellent cut, and only the mele diamond of the same size up to the diameter, depth and girdle thickness. You can enjoy the finest brilliance of colored stones by collecting selected materials that have the same color, shining and size.

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Careful product design by designers

The height and width of the ring, the shape and angle of the nail that holds the diamond, the comfort when worn on the finger, the balance when worn with other engagement rings or wedding rings, etc. I am designing with all.

Discerning four-claw eternity ring >

Testimonials of customers who have purchased

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4.9 / 5

Total Reviews 96

K18WG Square Diamond Half Eternity Ring 2.5mm

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Woman 33 years old / Thursday, April 30, 2020

Purpose of purchase: Other

Eternity ring

We asked for a special order and made an eternity ring with champagne gold. I've never seen the champagne gold eternity (or rather the champagne gold itself), so I'm very happy with it. It's not as cold as WG, more modest as YG, and it's a very calm impression. It looks like pink gold, but the color is different compared to the PG I have. I felt it by wearing it, but there is no corner of the part that touches the inside of the hand, and it feels good after wearing as a slip when fitting. I was surprised at this difference because I hadn't noticed much before. The diamond is also beautiful, and you can see how bright it is when the light is less than during the day. I'm not tired of it every day, just looking at it makes me feel happy.

Vivodi+ rating

Thank you for answering this inquiry. It is an impression that you can respond in detail such as delivery date and shipping contact. The only thing I'd like to say is that I personally don't really like the color of the box and the appearance of the case... I'm more happy with white, black, brown, or a beautiful color rather than a mouse color. I am thinking.

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PT950 Square Diamond Half Eternity Ring Milgrain 2.5mm

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Male 47 years old / March 12, 2020

Purpose of purchase: as a wedding ring

I am happy every time I wear it!

We purchased it the other day and have been wearing it since then. We both love it so much that we don't let go of from our fingers. I will wear it for decades, so I will continue to cherish it!

Vivodi+ rating

I also purchased an engagement ring, but I like both. I also want to come to the anniversary day in the future.

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